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Back to Washington State!

Well, this fall we traveled back to Washington.  Washington the state, that is.  Joined up with family members in the area and had a wonderful time.  It was late September, the weather was wonderfully cool, or rather not too warm and not too cold.  Just the way Goldie Locks would have liked it!   One our first full day we took a short drive down to catch one of the beaches during low tide.  We enjoyed a great time walking around looking into the tide pools to spot a great assortment of sea amenites, star fish, barnacles, crabs, clams and more.

One thing that did catch my eye this day, was the image below, in which there was this girl who had waded far out into the shallows off the shore line.  For some reason, the Title that comes to mind is:

“Walking before the waves”.


I will post a sideshow of the beach photo’s I took in a couple more days.  I know that it’s coming up upon the Christmas season, but every now and then, we just need to focus on something perhaps a little less commercialized, which does not make your think about ” I need to go buy something “.


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Mushrooms any one?

Mushrooms any one?

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  This fall I had the chance to visit the state of Washington and do some hiking up North of Seattle.  Weather conditions just happened to be perfect for growing some mushrooms.  Only problem is, I really do not know mushrooms.  In the group of images there is one type called “Fairy Mushrooms”.  I bet you can guess which one’s they are!

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Washington’s Crescent Lake, Marymere Falls Trail area.

Heading toward the Hoh, you have the change to take a drive along the the isolated yet beautiful Lake Crescent area.  Stop off at the Ranger Station and you can take a short hike into the one of the Northwest’s tallest forests.  Here you will walk past giant Spruce’s towering over 200 feet overhead.  Taking a short detour uphill and you will find one of the area’s many spectacular waterfalls.

Follow the signs and you will find your way up to Marymere Falls.  This is a relatively short trial going back into old growth forest, crossing over Barnes Creek and the run off from the falls near it’s entry into Barnes.  Walking through old growth Spruce is a treat, in and of itself.  Having a chance to walk among tree’s that were alive back when my grand parents and likely my Great grand parents were just children, brings to life how precious these trees truly are.  Those who chose to make this area a National Park area, have done us and our children, and children’s children, a great service.  Our National Park Service forms the basis of one of our greatest national resources.  One your next vacation, take advantage of what has been saved for you to enjoy with your family, friends or even just by yourself.  

(click on the photo to see a larger version)

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