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The heat just keeps coming!

After what seemed like a cooler than normal spring, summer has kicked into high gear in Nebraska. We are in a streak of 100 or near 100 degree days. The humidity though not equal to the temperature, does not feel all that far behind. Stepping out of an air conditioned building, or car, feels like opening the door of an oven and flooding your face with hot steamy air that fogs your glasses, takes your breath away, and just makes you want to close the door back up quickly.

So what is the reason for the extreme heat. Is is global warming? I check the records, and we are not currently setting new ones. Temperatures have been more extreme in times past. So, is this related to global warming, or is it related to higher output from the sun? Or, is it a bit of both. There seems to be some contention and controversy over what is the cause of warmer temperatures. There are indicators such as higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that can not really be contested, as it is scientific fact. According to geological records, this is not the first time in history that CO2 has been as high as it is today. In fact, it has been even higher if the science is correct.

I recall times back in the 60’s (I know), when the winters in Wisconsin and Minnesota were much colder than we average today. I also remember days when the temperatures climbed up into the upper 90’s and even hit the 100 mark, which is not much different from todays trends. So do I think that global warming is fact or fiction? I must say yes, it is. Or then again, what are all the possible causes? I am not exactly sure, but I do think that continuing to pump millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere is not a good idea regardless. Are all the efforts being made to reduce CO2 worth while? I would have to say “Yes”. Just as pouring tons of chemicals into the water-ways has been proven to not be a good idea. The really hard part is going to be figuring out how to reduce, while helping everyone to keep an acceptable standard of living.

The really ironic thing is that at time when winters are supposed to be warmer, we just had a winter with some of the greatest snow falls seen in decades in the north. Then we had a spring that was cooler than normal with more rain than normal. In fact we had a lot more rain than normal. So what do you get when you mix extra deep snow with lots of rain. You get a year where you have some the greatest flooding seen in over sixty years! If it was not for the all the heat we have been having, I would just say “rain rain go away, come again another day”. But, given the current circumstances, I would settle for some cooler air.


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