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Dutch – Disk no 1

   Well, so far I have gotten to the end of Disk number 1, about 9 times and still haven’t dared move on to disk number 2? It sounded so easy. All I have to do is listen and repeat. The ladies voice keeps telling me I can repeat any section as many times as needed. This might work well on a computer system, but listening in the vehicle on the way to and from work each day, I find I keep forgetting what the either means, or exactly sounds like by the time they move on to the next chapter. So I have to hit the CD Players back button, which treats the training disk like a collection of my favorite songs on the latest hit album, and there I am, back at the beginning. But, it’s started the next song, I mean chapter, so I have to double hit the back button, only to find I’ve overshot the chapter, song, track that I wanted to listen to in the first place.

Did I mention that each segment starts with a little tune that sounds exactly the same at the begining of each section? If not, it really does start to become a little anoying at times. I played chapter one for my wife. As it started the next lesson, she quickly told me that the music section was very anoying and to please turn it off and lets listen to a standard radio station instead.

So now I have to choose between car pooling, or forgoing all efforts to help save the planet and forge ahead with my efforts to learn Dutch. I could have been listening while I was typing, but I know the musical startups at each lesson would have been way to distracting.


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