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Dutch – Language sounds

   I’ve never realized just how different other languages can be in terms of making a sound. At times I feel like someone was perhaps baking a language cake when they made Dutch. I’m not sure, but if you mixed together a little bit of English, German, Spanish, Arabic, and lets not forget some Norwegian and Swedish, you would end up with Dutch! Admittedly it seems like there is perhaps more Scandinavian and Germen influence, but I keep running across different sounds that remind me of other languages.

This single hardest sound to learn is how to form the word sounds, which make me feel like I have some phylum in the back of my throat that needs clearing out! So far every time I seem to be getting close, the back of my throat starts to feel somewhere between a sore throat or I’ve just woken up from a really good snoring session. I’m not sure about the snoring session myself, but have to rely on the “eye witness” reports from my spouse.

I have three disks of Dutch and I still have not made it past the second chapter lesson yet? I am not sure if I am just a slow learner, or perhaps an inpatient one. If nothing else, I do know how to tell you what my name is in Dutch. So, should have find my way over to Amsterdam for a planned visit, the people will at least know what to call the “Lost Person” speaking gibberish with a lost “deer in the headlights” stare.


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