Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.

Life and Movies

   Through the years my family has evolved a process of where when something happens, we tend to compare or point out, the similarity to some movie scene we have seen.  The humorous ones are the usually preferred as they always can help put a little humor to the situation.  So, in a way, perhaps we are saying our lives are like movies, and or the movies are like our lives. 

   So, when people go to the movies to escape reality, perhaps all they are really doing is gaining an alternative insite to their own life?  I only hope that Horror Movies never become something any of us can relate to. 

   What movie scenes have you seen that somehow have managed to parallel events in your life?

Arriving home after a long day:  “Lucy, I’m Home!”

Heading out to the store:  “I’ll be back”

When you know that somethings just not right:  “There’s a floor down there Montie!”

When your a little upset with someone:  “Frankly, I don’t give a damm.”


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