Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.


Wishing each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Though we will not be together with all our family on Thanksgiving day, we will have a chance to share a day this weekend with some.  This is perhaps one of the first Thanksgiving days when will either not be at a relatives home, or have family here at our home.  We could be sad about not sharing the day directly with them, but we are very happy for all the other holidays we have been blessed to do so.

Travel save if you happen to be doing so.  Take the time not to rush.  Enjoy the travel and you will enjoy the event even more.  May your travel be just a prelude to your Holiday enjoyment.  And if you are not traveling, but rather others are traveling to see you, enjoy the wait.  They will arrive soon enough.

And if you are like us and spending the holiday with your spouse, enjoy, I plan on it.  But, if you happen to be a person without immediate family to share, and no friends happen to be coming over, go ahead a splurge on a meal out.  Not only do you help the economy, the tip you leave will help to make someone else’s day, all that much better.  We just might do the same.  There is always Friday or Saturday to cook the turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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