Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.


Well the wife and I are getting ready to do a little traveling and are looking forward to flying this time, over the normal long drive.  They say that getting there is supposed to be half of the fun.  There is something about flying that just seems to make a trip a little more fun.  Perhaps it’s not having your elbow get sore propped up against the car window edge.  Or then, perhaps it’s not having my left arm slowly turn red, then redder yet as the miles roll on.   I will say that I do miss out on seeing a lot of detail from 40,000 feet in the air, but I guess that’s the sacrifice for being able to arrive in a much shorter time-frame.    Then of course there are the economics of the trip.  In this case I would spend well over two hundred in gas, so for about $150 more, we get to fly, don’t have to change oil in the car when we get back, and I arrive with both arms looking the same!  

    I’ve thought about bringing some photo’s taken from the car on previous trips.  This way, should the mood hit me, I can look at the details.


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