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Travel – Flying really is cheaper!

   I remember being told in the past that it was less expensive to fly as compared to driving.  Well, every-time I would add up the miles, figure out what my gas consumption would be, checked regional gas prices and finally had the mathematical answer to what this cost would be, as compared to buying an airline ticket.

   Well, for one person, it did end up many times that it was cheaper to actually buy a plane ticket and fly.  The big problem with this is there are aways two of us going somewhere.  Yes I actually take her with when I go somewhere.  I suppose I could have chosen to travel alone, but what fun would that be.  Plus, coming home to find it sold and the occupants moved would not have been much fun either.

   Anyway back to flying.  We just booked tickets from Nebraska to Washington state and for one of the first times, two tickets ended up being much less expensive then paying for gas and oil to drive there.  Plus, after running through all the mathematics once again, I found I could actually rent a car once out there, drive to our plan locations and the total bill was still going to be less than driving all the way out there. 

   Wow, and they said nothing good could come out of all these high gas prices!


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