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April Showers bring May Flowers, or do they?

imgp2724-copy2.jpg   As the old saying goes, “April Showers bring May Flowers”.  But, the reality is this really depends on what part of the country you live in.  Here we are at the beginning of April and here in the Midwest, we are waiting for the April showers to begin so the flowers can start spouting from the ground.  Actually, we are waiting this year for all of the frost to finally leave the ground so all the heaved sidewalks will settle back down to something you can walk on without tripping. 

   I was just down to Florida at the end of March and not only were there flowers up and growing, it looked like they had been that way for a while.  So in Florida is the saying “Marching showers bring April flowers” or perhaps, it’s “February may be stark, but flowers bloom in March”. 

    Perhaps the winter has been just a little too long this year.  Everyone here in the Midwest is really starting to get antsy for spring to kick into high gear.  What is meant by “antsy” anyway?  Does mean we behave like ants?  Then again, what is “Kicking into high gear” all about.  Do we mean it’s going to happen more quickly or just with more speed?

    Perhaps I am just starting to get a case of cabin fever.  Do we really get warmer from cabin fever?  Can an aspirin relieve us from the effects of cabin fever?  What if you live in an apartment?  Can you get apartment fever, or for that matter house fever.  Is cabin fever only something someone who lives in a forest can acquire?

   Anyway, hope you have a great Summer!


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