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Yellowstone 2009

    We just returned from a wonderful week in Yellowstone National Park.  We only wish we would have  had many more weeks to stick around.  A word of advise is the park does start to shut down mid September.  But what a great time of year to enjoy the nature of what is Yellowstone. 

    What a thrill to see Bull Elk locking horns while fighting for the right of the herd next to a mountain stream, glittering into the warm haze of the morning sun.  Or, perhaps the site of a black bear turning over rocks to gain access to the moths hiding beneath.  Maybe it was the site of over 400 Buffalo grazing in the golden fall colored grass, leading down to the blue of the Yellowstone River below.  Perhaps it was the a family of three Otters gliding down the rapids only to turn around and climb back up the rocks in what appeared to be nothing more than a trip to the local amusement park.  Then again, I think the sight of a Ospry swooping out of the sky to snatch a trout out of the stream, while hordes of fishermen could only stand hip deep in the water staring in envy.

Any single item of those listed above is reason alone to take the trip to Yellowstone.  But, I haven’t even gotten around to taking about the thermal features.


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Signs of Spring, regardless of the Weather.


The weather has not been very spring like,as of late.  But, al long as the sun shines and temps remain above freezing, signs of spring are all around.

CCanada Goose familyanada Geese have a new family.                                                                                   Egrets take flight.Egrets take flight


Egrets gathering..





A large Heron showing who’s the boss.                                         An Egret keeps watch.

Heron showing off colors

Lone Egret

Yes, regardless of what we may think, Spring is in full swing…………  I wish summer could wait just a bit longer.


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