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Boys will be Boys, Girls will be Girls…..

Ah Hem….

   Of course Girls will be girls, or else they would be boys. Duh…..  And Boys will be boys and as I learned as a young boy, “a horse is a horse, of course of course”……

   What this old saying is perhaps really trying to tell us is, girls and boys are different.  Which is of course something most of us already know by the time we are about three years old.  But considering when this saying was first popularized, the typical girl was growing up being taught how to become the perfect little wife, in the perfect little house with the white picket fence and the rest of the ideal dream life.  Of course the boy was being taught how to be tough in a competitive world where he would have to become the “Bread Winner” for the girl down the street who’s been taking “Home Economics” and learning how to balance that weekly allowance her husband was going to provide. 

   Then the 60’s and 70’s hit, and everything changed.  Girls started to be taught about how to become successful in the business world by doing more than becoming either a secretary or nurse!   Boys were being enrolled in the Home Economics classes so they could learn how to cook, as their wife just might not be home in time to start dinner, nor feel anymore like cooking than he did.  Boys were also being taught how to be more in touch with their emotions, though of course they had to use the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy….

   So with all of these changes, what has really changed?  Many girls still like boys.  Many boys still like girls.  Some of each, like each other, and some just like to be left alone.  Or, just like in the old days, things are pretty much the same, it’s just that we are a little more aware of who likes who!

   As for me and the wife; after over 33 years of sharing each others company, going back to our early High School days, who knows?  They said it would never last.  And who knows, perhaps in another 30 or 40 years we will grow tired of each other?  Ok, maybe we will just grow more old…………………….


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