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This cold has fooled me….

   Well I thought for sure that my cold had left, only to be fooled into over confidence.  Each night I have had my throat start to fill clogged and my nose start to plug back up.  No fever, so apparently no infections.  I have had a tickle in my throat that hangs on day after day.  So, coughing off and on during the day, thick throat and plugged nose at night.

   Then in the morning, it’s wake up with cotton mouth, as I was not breathing through my nose.  My mouth feels like a desert through which the camels have been dragging their tails.  I suspect that my breath represents the passage of beasts as well.  Then is up for work, shower, cough, dry off, cough, shave, cough, dress and give a cough for good luck.

   About this time, I start to feel half way normal again and head in to work.  Their I spend my day feeling, not to bad, but having to pop the occasional cough drop, in order to qualm the throat tickle that keeps re-occurring throughout the day.

   I get home at night and the cycle begins anew.  I am beginning to think that perhaps getting the flu might have been better.  At least with the flu, I’ve always felt back to normal in about 3 or 4 days!


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Putting Cold predictions to the test.

   Should have known better than to write anything about catching a cold without tempting fate.   For a nice Thanksgiving treat, I am being treated to a good old fashion head cold.  So after a couple nights of sinus head pressure combined with a good case of post nasal drip, drip, drip, I am starting to feel a little bit better on day three.

   Though still better than coming down with the flu, I really wish this could have held off until after Turkey Day!  Food is not as good when you are constantly interrupted with a blowing your nose, and or coughing.  It also tends to place you down at the far end of the table from the other family members.  Not that I blame them of course. 

  So, if all predictions are correct, I can perhaps look forward to getting my first good nights sleep tonight.  So far, no problems with chest congestion, so hopefully this on will not morf into an infection battle. 

  So, just like everyone else, I really do not like colds!

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People still ask, “How long does a Cold last?”

   Seems that one question people keep asking is “How long does a Cold last?” 

So I’ve done some more research and the answer remains the same.  Still looks like now mater what you do, you can look forward to seven to ten days of misery, or at least un-comfort, before things will get better.  To complicate matters, cold viruses, like the flu bugs, change as they hop from host to host.  Thus, guaranteeing they will find future hosts who lack the immune system to fight them off, before they get a chance to invade and multiply.

    Things to watch for though are symptoms that go beyond that of those of the cold which started the whole mess.  The side effects of having that sore throat, fever, blocked nasal passages among others, is the increased risk of infections caused by other bacteria which takes advantage of the situation.   Other factors that can affect outcomes is the level of stress you are experiencing at the time.  Increased stress has been shown to weaken the immune system.

   So, if after 10 days, you are feeling worse than when it started, you may have something else your body is fighting, other than the cold which started things.  Secondary bacterial infections can be very serious, leading to worse things such as bronchitis, pneumonia, meningitis, sinusitis and even middle ear infections.  If you keep running a fever (higher than 38.5°C/101°F), this is a good sign that a bacterial infection has taken hold.  If you are experiencing any of these including the fever, after 10 days, the recommendations are to get yourself in to see your physician and get checked out.  An antibiotic is likely going to be recommended and prescribed to fight of the infection.

   I have read that Zinc supplements can help shorten, or at least lessen the effects of the cold, if started right away.  I have tried this myself and did not see any positive effect and as such cannot recommend it myself.  But, I have some Zinc sitting on hand just incase.  Maybe next time, if I don’t wait a couple days to start?  I do take one tablet of vitamin ‘C’ each day, and though scientific research has not yet proven it to be helpful, I’ve been cold free for over a year, which is a first.

   So, it’s too late, you already have the cold and are wondering what you can do?  Well you might be surprised that Chicken Soup, does help, at least in that it gets fluids into your body along with some healthy nutrients.  Your favorite pain reliever and decongestants will also help to at least, reduce the misery.

   I wish you luck in either fighting your cold, and or, hopefully keeping your possible future cold at bay.

Just in case you are wondering.  This is the enemy each of us must fend off.

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Cold’s Done!

   Cold started up on Tuesday and was running out of steam by Friday.  By Saturday, it was pretty much dead and over with, I am happy to say!  Though I have been feeling well since then, I do still have an issue in the middle of the night with a nostril suddenly getting a bit of a run-a-way drip going, which wakes me up.  So I Blow my nose and I’m good the rest of the night? 

   So, in spite of an interesting middle of the night, now and then, I feel right-as-rain, once again.

   So, just was does “Right-As-Rain” really mean anyway?  Is there a “Wrong-as-Rain” at the opposite end of the sprectrum?  I wonder.

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Head Cold is back again!

     Seems like it was only a couple months ago, I was making note about having a cold.  Actually, I think it was only a couple months ago.   But, regardless, here I am again suffering through the sneezing, runny nose, stuffed up nasal passages and sinus pressure like little balloons hyper inflating themselves inside the front of my skull.  What to do?

      Well the options are to takes lots of cold medicine which does slow down the runny nose and deaden the sinus pain, but leave me feeling all groggy and medicine head extreme.  Or, I can not take the medicine and put up with a noise that runs like Niagara Falls during flood season and bouts of sneezing that could be harnessed to turn wind turbines!  

     It’s ruff not getting uninterrupted sleep at night.  I wake up, with fluid leaking from one or the other nostril which by the second night was really becoming more than just annoying.  So, it was time for the nasal plug.  What’s a nasal plug you ask?  Well, it is simply a small piece of tissue folded over to form a wad of tissue just the right size to stuff up the end of the offending nostril to stop the drip, drip, drip of post-nasal drip.  As you cannot breath through you nose anyway, it’s mouth breathing through the rest of the night until my lips are parched leather.

     So, how long will this one last, I ask myself?  Well tonight will be night three, and I feel a little better than yesterday.  So, based on past experiences of the last year, only another two or three days until I am right as rain!  Just in time for Spring no less.

    In the meantime, it time to go take another shot of decongestant, pain killer, cough suppressant, antihistamine medicine to make me feel less pain, and slightly less human.   Ah, the power of modern medicine!

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There are more than Cold’s hiding out there.

   Though cold season is not yet over, there is more than just head-cold’s hanging around.  Though this years cold was about a three week event, the main cold lasted about a week with a couple really bad head pressure and light fever days.  Though I ended up taking one day off and heading into the doc’s by the end of the first week, due to a minor lung infection, it still beat out getting the flue bug.

   This years Flue bug can really be a bad one.  I did get the flue shot and it’s been reported that this years shot which matches really close to the strain going around.  So, so far so good on the flue front.  One of my co-workers was not as fortunate.  He was good on Monday, and by Tuesday morning, shortly after midnight, the bug hit with full force.  He did not show back up to work until the next Monday.  From the reports coming in, you not only empty out all stomach contents, but end up shall we say, “flushed out at both ends!”  The biggest danger with this virulent strain of flue is that you can end up totally dehydrated, which could mean you end up in the local emergency room with an I.V. fluid bag flowing into your arm to get your fluid back up. 

   So if you end up catching this nasty little bug, I would recommend getting to your doctor sooner than later.  At least your physician can perhaps get you something to calm down your stomach and keep your fluid level up.  Though if your interested in dropping off a quick 5 to 15 pounds, just stick around the house.  But, don’t go far from the bathroom, as you may not make it in time.

   So, in the meantime, keep washing your hands and maybe even keep a small bottle of hand degermer close by.  Good luck and stay healthy!

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