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PBS – limited to no commercial breaks!

Watching a series on PBX, I could not help but notice that before the end of the show, I needed to take a rest room break.  That’s when it dawned on me that the reason I am now faced with this dilemma is that PBS stations have very limited commercials!  PBS also has a number of very good early 1900 period series on the air.  At the very beginning they let you know who has helped support the programing and then again at the end of the show.

Perhaps if more of us start to watch and support PBS more often, the main-line networks would get the message?  It’s always worth a try I suppose.  Well, Downton Abby is coming on, so I will be tied up for the next hour with no time to make commercial break entries.

I think I just became a fan of PBS!



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Killing time during commercials

Does it seem like there are more commercials and less show on the TV these days.  If your answer is yes, you are correct.  A long long time (1960’s) ago, in a country not far away (here), the average time spent watching commercials on TV was about 8 minutes out of the hour.  Today, we spend upwards of 18 minutes out of every hour, not watching the show we are hoping to watch.   So what to do if you really do not like watching commercials?

Anyone still have a VCR?  The VCR was a great way to record a show, and then play it back, fast forwarding through all the commercials.  This technology also worked on direct live off the air programming as well as that supplied by cable or satellite dish.  But, this got all the advertisers all riled up as people were not watching the commercials.  So, the next big push was for the DVR, the digital video recorder, which lets you record two or more channels at the same time in order to watch later.   The great thing about this was it got more people hooked on cable systems and watching less off the air.  After all, we don’t want people to keep using those VCR things, now do we.  Of course you do have to buy a digital receiver, as I have not seen to many VCR with digital tuners these days.    So, with the promise of being able to record multiple programs and then being able to fast forward through the commercials, everyone has flocked to DVR Cable systems.

But, now I notice that it seems to be harder to zip through commercials without overshooting, backing up, re-forwarding, backing up and being forced to watch at least some of the commercial leading into the next segment of the show.  Could it be that what is happening is that big business is slowing working technology to eliminate the ability to zip past commercials on recorded programs at all?  I guess controlling live broadcasting is not enough control.

Well, I suppose a person could always use the commercial break as a timeframe to do Blog entries?  Thank goodness the mute button still works!


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