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New deck in all it’s glory!

 After a few weeks the old deck is finially gone and has been replaced by the shiny new deck. 

As mentioned earlier, we chose not to go with the composite, but rather to upgrade to the full PVC, as it has a much better history of being a really maintenance free material.  The cost was about another 3 to 4% added onto the cost of the project, but considering the cost savings of not having to buy deck-wash, we will recoup the cost pretty quickly.  Overall, we are very happy with the TimberTec product for now.  Check back in another 10-20 years and we will let you know if we have changed our minds…..




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“London Bridge is Falling Down”, or “Year of the Deck”

    Some of you may remember last year I had a few days entries regarding the replacement of the back yard fence.  Ok, it was really over a couple weeks.  Oh, you actually read it?  Well is was under two months I think?

   Anyway, with the fun of removing a full back yard worth of wooden fence, this is the year of the “Deck”!  Let me begin with a little regressing back to about 1976 when we bought our very first house up in the rural backwoods of Wisconsin.  At that time we were able to buy a two bedroom ranch with a third room addition and a full basement for the outrageous price of $21,000.   Now keep in mind this was a real house with plumbing, running water (both hot and cold), a full bathroom with tub,  kitchen and a single car attached garage.  And “yes”, it did have a real roof and both a front and back yard.

   So what does this have to do with a deck you may ask?  Well, as you may have guessed, that with just a few extra options, our deck would have cost about the same as our 1970’s house did.  Bottom line, we have just invested an addtional 10% of total value into our 30 something home.  And for this investment we get no new running water, no new plumbing, and no new bathroom or kitchen’s. 

   So why replace the old deck you may ask?  Well, the main reason was safety.  Though we had a few boards here and there that had broken loose on the ends, I have come to realize the there was a little tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down”, playing in the background.  Luckily we decided to replace the deck before the last line of the song was played.  Having four different contractors express, “Your deck is in REALLY BAD condition”, was somewhat of a suprise, as I thought is was just “really poor” in condition!

   Another couple days and the new deck should be in place.  In the next entry, I will take a little time to explain what type of deck we chose and why.  There are many questions you really needed to ask.  Such as, type (wood, composite, PVC), style, colors, and the all important issue of Size.  After all, you don’t just want to have the same thing do you?

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