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New deck in all it’s glory!

 After a few weeks the old deck is finially gone and has been replaced by the shiny new deck. 

As mentioned earlier, we chose not to go with the composite, but rather to upgrade to the full PVC, as it has a much better history of being a really maintenance free material.  The cost was about another 3 to 4% added onto the cost of the project, but considering the cost savings of not having to buy deck-wash, we will recoup the cost pretty quickly.  Overall, we are very happy with the TimberTec product for now.  Check back in another 10-20 years and we will let you know if we have changed our minds…..




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Deck the halls with… Oh forget it!

   Is realize that “Deck the Halls” brings visions of the Christmas Holiday season to mind for most people.  Currently, just the work “Deck” brings to mind numbing sticker shock!  Who would have thought that in a time when housing costs are dropping, that trying to fix up just your old deck would cost almost as much as what we paid for our first house!

   Ok, the first house was a small country rural home back in the 70’s, but just the same, it was a whole house.  We currently have obtained multiple bids and have found that the costs go from “Holy Cow” all the way up to “You have to be Kidding!”  But alas, even the lowest bid is still near the cost of that three bedroom ranch, with a full basement.  Well, perhaps we will not count the basement, as it had a habit of trying to fill up with water each spring during the first snow melts of spring. 

    But again, it was a whole house we are talking about.  One of the things we really loved about our current house, is the big wrap around deck in back.  Little did we realize what it would cost us ten years later to replace the beast.  I refer to the deck as a beast as combining the main deck with the upper bedroom (smaller) deck and the smaller cement patio area off the deck, it does add up to almost 900 square feet of surface area to replace. 

     Now that I think of it, our first house was about 1,100 sq.ft.  So I suppose if you discount the fact that there are no walls, ceilings, or roofs on a deck; plus no piping, no electrical, no carpet, or no windows, you are paying probably about the same cost per sq.ft., once you take amost 40 years into account.  Well, at least that is what I am going to keep telling myself until I fully believe it.  I will let you know just how that works out for me!

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Day 15, because Day 14 was a bust.

Day 15 of building the back yard fence.

  Your probably wondering, “is this guy ever going to finish that stupid fence!”  Well, the answer is “Not Today.”  Yesterday was a very late work day, so by the time we made it home there was not much daylight left to work with.  So, tonight it was time to get back to it. 

   The remainder of the posts over to the far corner were wrenched out of the ground using nothing but pure brute force.  So after filling in all the holes, which were of course all in the wrong place, it was time to install more new fence sections.  So this evening, there were two new eight foot sections of wood fence that where dug in, nailed and screwed into place. 

   There is only about twelve feet remaining to get to the far corner.  Then it’s time to turn the last corner and head back up the hill for the remaining three sections worth of new fence to finish out the whole back yard! 

   And the best news of all, it I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a number which has evaded me for over the last 15 years!  Only seven more pounds and I will be under the magic two hundred, which I have not seen for even longer.  The ultimate goal would be to get back down to my ideal one-ninety.  Only another seventeen to go.  The fencing exercise program does seem to be working.  Perhaps I will really need to consider entering into the build-the-deck exercise program once I finish?

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