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Palomar Observatory

Palomar Observatory

Not far away from Teddy Bear cactus and indoor/outdoor toilets, is something totally different. What could be more unrelated than a 200 inch mirror telescope known as the Hale Telescope.

Up in the Palomar Mountains of Southern California is one of the first great eyes to stare into the universe to start the new revelation into what makes up the universe we only thought we knew. For years this was the largest telescope in the world.

What other wonders can be found if not in the desert, near the desert, or perhaps light years from the desert.


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Indoor Toilet – Outdoors!

Indoor Toilet - Outdoors!

Previously I was talking about a Teddy Bear, not being very cuddly. Well, one other thing I saw down in the deserts of southern California was an indoor toilet, which was not indoors.

Who would have thought anyone would put a standard indoor toilet outside, and just surround it by a rather low 6-7 foot wall. Perhaps this was done this way as a means to encourage people not to stay too long? And, I will admit, you don’t need a big vent fan or candles!

Still, there is so much about this that just does not seem right to me?

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