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Infastructure Bailout!

    It’s hard not to be thinking about the economy these days.  What with home sales down to there lowest since the mid-eighties, new job layoff announcements on almost a daily basis, a stock market the bounces more than my old Super-ball, and the news broadcasters reporting and hyping each tidbit in the process.  Then we got to hear about some of the worlds largest banking firms receiving billions of dollars in bailout money for which we have yet to hear how it was spent. 

   So there’s now more bailout money being sent out to individual states, reportly to be used for infrastructure rebuilding.  I am not sure if all this bailing-out is good or bad.  But, having read the reports of the condition of our bridges throughout the country, it’s seems like spending some money to replace many of them may be a very good idea.  At least there will be something visible left afterwards that we all will be able to see where the money went!  And in the meantime, it could help provide a real and visible jump start by providing new construction jobs, which right now are badly needed.  Though not the ultimate answer by any means, it will provide a starting point that all can see and perhaps help them to see past the present and once again into the future. 

   Though things could get worse before this year ends, I prefer to believe that things will get better.  Better is not that I will get rich, for in many ways I already am.  I just do not have the money to prove it.


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The Economy. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

So they say the Economy is bad.

But there are those that are telling everyone that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I have to agree. There is a light. Hopefully it’s not the light of the train entering from the other side!

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