Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.

Just an average Swedish, German, Norwegian, English, Swiss; American

Just an average Swedish, German, Norwegian, English, Swiss; American.

That’s me.  I’m an American with relatives throughout Europe.  So what makes me different than any other citizen of the United States? 

I do not have 2.7 kids, but I’m close.  I’m not young, but then I’m really not old either.  As the average American is either Male or Female, I guess again; I am average.  I am fair skinned, but can get a pretty brown tan in the summer.  I’m happily married, so perhaps I am not really average, according to the latest polls anyway.

But the single most important thing, that makes me more than average is; my thoughts are my own.  Each person is a unique collection of experiences and learned information.  Every person may on a whole have similar experiences in many regards, but their’s are still unique travels through the life stream they live.

The one thing I do share in common with someone from lets say Sweden, is I have some DNA which is similar at certain points along the long line of double helix, that makes the basis of my body.  Some of the extra fat reserves, I have to take blame for myself.  But then, I can say the same about someone with lineage from Norway, Germany, England or even Switzerland.  Guess I’m kind of a Hines 57 sauce at heart.

But in mind, I always remain that unique individual, that blended together in the fabric of life, makes me me.


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