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Day 17 and things move into high gear in the back yard.

Day 17 of building the back yard fence.

  Day 16 was another bust day, as I had to drive out of town on business and did not get back in time to do anything new in the back yard.  But, what with the weekend finally having arrived, day 17 was a very productive day. 

  I was able to finish up installing all the remaining sections today.  It was a bumper crop of sections, what with five sections being installed today.  It was really helpful that I had a couple support posts which I had replaced last year.  Of course, the fact I had to replace a few posts last years was likely a premonition of things to come.

   What with all the sections up, I now only have to focus on building the entry gates.  This should prove interesting, as I’ve never built a gate door from scratch before.  I’m thinking that if I just pay close attention to how the old ones are make, I should be able to duplicate the same general format and construction.  I did cheat a little bit in that I purchased a framing kit for reinforcing the gate frames, which should make construction a bit easier. 

   I am sure there are people who would ask why has this been taking so long.  Well the big difference between me and a professional fence building company, is most companies have a number of employees that show up and install a new fence.  They also usually do not have to worry about taking the old fence , of if they do they do not have to take a fence apart in a manner that makes it easier to dispose of.  As it was, taking into account that there was only me, and that this was a part time job opportunity, it has gone fairly quickly overall.  Of course the best thing for me is I have likely saved upwards of $4,000 by doing it myself.

   I can hardly wait to tackle taking on the replacement deck!  Well, maybe I can wait a little while.


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Lucky 13, Day 13 of building the back yard fence.

   After a full day of work at the paying job, it was time to come home and relax.  Relax in this case, is heading to the back yard to continue my exercise program revolving around the construction of a new back yard wooden fence. 

  Though I did not get much done in terms of putting up any new fence, I did however accomplish removal of about 25 feet of old fence, which makes way to the installation of the new.  The big news of the day; I’ve now made it all the way over to the opposite far corner of the back yard.  It does give a person hope that there truely is a light at the end of the fence!

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Day 10 & 11 of building the back yard fence.

Well, day 10 & 11 have proved to be much more productive. 

  So much for the weekend being a time to rest up.  Of course I would choose to pick two of the hottest days of the year to do my back yard project work.  But, I did manage to get about 50 feet of new fence installed.  Of cource this includes removing the same amount of old fence. 

Nearing the corner post.

Nearing the corner post.

   The amazing thing about working in extreme heat is the amount of fluid you can drink without ever having to make a bathroom run?  Of course after a few hours your shirt tends to look like perhaps you have been out back playing in the lawn sprinkler with the kids.   Though the hammer and tool-belt may be a give away.

The first corner is bridged.

The first corner is bridged.




   I am sure that any day now I will wake up in the morning to see my newly sculptured physique.   Of course if I can only step on the scale and see a lower number I will be happy.  I do have to admit that I am really getting some good exercise based on the level of morning stiffness.  Plus there is the really good new that there is only about another 70 or so feet to go.  I can hardly wait to get started.

 The fence grows across the back yard.

Though it has felt like a very slow process. It is really nice to see the fence slowly take shape.  The view here is showing about one-half of the way across from one corner to the other.  The side running to the right, goes up the slope toward the house and is about the same length.  I think by the time I finish, I will be very tired of building fences.


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Day 5 – I’m having fun now.

Day 5 of building the back yard fence.

   Well, I managed to get another 4 sections of fence installed today.  Had it not been for digging all the new posts, I think I might have gotten the 5th section completed.  But, I am a the 50% point, so it’s all down hill from here.

  Sore muscles; I think I might have a few.  It’s somewhat hard to tell, what with all the stiffness that’s been starting from about; what time did I get up this morning?  Accordingly, I must really be getting a good work out from all of this.  I’m sure that by the time I finish in the back yard, my sculptured body will look even better then it looked before.  Thus I would look like one of those Greek God statues, who just happen to be carrying a few extra pounds. 

   Well, I think it’s time for an asprin and a long nights rest.  Back to work in the morning and tomorrow evening, I’ll bet I can get another couple sections put up.  I can hardly wait!

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Started my power lifting workout today, didn’t mean too.

This is Day One, of the great backyard Fence Project.

   OK, so I wanted to start getting back into a little better shape.  I just didn’t realize it would be so much work! 

   Today was the day the lumber yard delivered a truck load of wood to rebuild the back yard fence.  I know have a much better appreciation for just how far is it all the way around the back yard.  You really do get a good sense of things after hand carrying on your back, like a pack mule, full sections of six foot high by eight feet long sections of wood fence sections.  In the gym they call it “Power Lifting”.  At home I like to refer to it as “What have I gotten myself into”!

   I have to admit that after the first couple sections, the misses did have to lend a hand so I could re-stack all the sections in back of the house.  I suppose I could have left everything stacked out front, but I really hate showing off to the neighbors so blatantly.  Part of me thought, “what if someone tries to steal some of my fence sections”?  But, after unloading, back packing, and re-stacking full sections of wood fence, I really don’t think I had much to worry about.  Now the 4x4x8 sections of posts and the 2x4x8’s would not likely have faired so well.

   Anyway, back to my workout routine.  I think the lifting part is going pretty good.  I’ve been able to stand and shuffle out to the kitchen tonight for a glass of re-hydrating water twice now, without much pain.  I can hardly wait to start removing what’s left of the old fence, so I can start digging in the posts for the new one.  One must really appreciate Midwestern weather for it’s ability to motivate a person to tackle those projects that most, only have nightmares about.  It’s a good thing it started getting dark outside, or I would not have been able to stop myself from going overboard on the first day.  It also helps if you don’t have enough nails and need to make another trip back to the lumber yard.

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Time to start working out.

   After seeing the hyper fine tuned Olympic Swimmers, I decided to pursue a stringent workout regiment to rebuilt my body into a finely tuned machine.  After lots of research, I developed a training regiment which would help me to reduce body fat, increase muscle strength, and fine tune my cardiovascular system into a turbocharged blood pumping system.

   I am happy to report that having made it to the gym over one times this week, I have accomplished one of my first goals.  My blood system truly became totally turbocharged engine after a mere 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I am not sure but I think that I actually hit the Red-Line on my hearts tachometer two or three times! 

   Next week I think I will focus on one of my other goals.  I am planning on working on my muscle strength, as soon as the soreness goes away.  I’ve been told it should only be another day or two.

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