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Back to the Olympics. No more about fencing. How about Fencing?

  Well, enough about the back yard and fence work.  This week is for the Olympics.  Like a few (Million) other people around the world, my family were also tuning in to see just how well the U.S.A. teams faired against the world.  Had the chance to watch the China verses the USA in basketball.  Though the first half was somewhat closer, by the forth quarter the writing was already on the wall as to who the winner would be.  Regardless, it was a fun game to watch.  I thought the USA Team was playing much more like a true team and not just a bunch of big name stars who happen to be out on the basketball court at the same time.

  A large portion of the hype has been about swimming and Micheal Phelps, or so it seems.    Of course there have been a number of Olympic Champions to emerge from the games.  Check out Fencing for interested.  I know you thought I was done with all the fencing references, but in all seriousness, check out the results of the Women’s Fencing event, if you’re not already aware of the results.

  In Olympic Fencing, they swing long sordes at each other. 

In back yeard fencing, you swing a hammer. 



But in both, you must hit your target in order to win.  Accordingly, I should be receiving my Metal any day now!


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Day 15, because Day 14 was a bust.

Day 15 of building the back yard fence.

  Your probably wondering, “is this guy ever going to finish that stupid fence!”  Well, the answer is “Not Today.”  Yesterday was a very late work day, so by the time we made it home there was not much daylight left to work with.  So, tonight it was time to get back to it. 

   The remainder of the posts over to the far corner were wrenched out of the ground using nothing but pure brute force.  So after filling in all the holes, which were of course all in the wrong place, it was time to install more new fence sections.  So this evening, there were two new eight foot sections of wood fence that where dug in, nailed and screwed into place. 

   There is only about twelve feet remaining to get to the far corner.  Then it’s time to turn the last corner and head back up the hill for the remaining three sections worth of new fence to finish out the whole back yard! 

   And the best news of all, it I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a number which has evaded me for over the last 15 years!  Only seven more pounds and I will be under the magic two hundred, which I have not seen for even longer.  The ultimate goal would be to get back down to my ideal one-ninety.  Only another seventeen to go.  The fencing exercise program does seem to be working.  Perhaps I will really need to consider entering into the build-the-deck exercise program once I finish?

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