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Day 9, and nothing!

It’s Day 9 and there is no progress to report for today.

  Today was one of those take off early to go play 18 holes of Golf with co-workers.  It was a fun time, but it really made for a long day.  After working half a day, it was off to the golf course to start a High-Noon shoot off.  Eighteen holes and a little over five hours of baking in near 100 Degree heat, we rolled back to the club house totally spent. 

   The last few holes ended up being some of our best.  I think I was finally so tired that I was no longer trying so hard.  Ended up hitting some of the best drives of the day.  Thank goodness for SPF-45 sunscreen!  I ended up with no sunburns, which is really good, as having had a chunk of skin removed from my forearm, I am more sensitive to being better protected.  But that is another story.

  So, to make a long story short, there was not progress, once again, on the back yard fence.  All work and play makes for no fence being built today!  But, there is always this weekend to get the hammer back into the swings of things.


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