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Head Cold is back again!

     Seems like it was only a couple months ago, I was making note about having a cold.  Actually, I think it was only a couple months ago.   But, regardless, here I am again suffering through the sneezing, runny nose, stuffed up nasal passages and sinus pressure like little balloons hyper inflating themselves inside the front of my skull.  What to do?

      Well the options are to takes lots of cold medicine which does slow down the runny nose and deaden the sinus pain, but leave me feeling all groggy and medicine head extreme.  Or, I can not take the medicine and put up with a noise that runs like Niagara Falls during flood season and bouts of sneezing that could be harnessed to turn wind turbines!  

     It’s ruff not getting uninterrupted sleep at night.  I wake up, with fluid leaking from one or the other nostril which by the second night was really becoming more than just annoying.  So, it was time for the nasal plug.  What’s a nasal plug you ask?  Well, it is simply a small piece of tissue folded over to form a wad of tissue just the right size to stuff up the end of the offending nostril to stop the drip, drip, drip of post-nasal drip.  As you cannot breath through you nose anyway, it’s mouth breathing through the rest of the night until my lips are parched leather.

     So, how long will this one last, I ask myself?  Well tonight will be night three, and I feel a little better than yesterday.  So, based on past experiences of the last year, only another two or three days until I am right as rain!  Just in time for Spring no less.

    In the meantime, it time to go take another shot of decongestant, pain killer, cough suppressant, antihistamine medicine to make me feel less pain, and slightly less human.   Ah, the power of modern medicine!


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Do you have a Cold, or is it something else?

Tis the season to be Jolly, and also to catch an illness!  Yes, it’s that time of year again when Colds and Flu bugs run rampant.  Catch a cold and you end up with three or four days of sore throat, stuffy nose, watery eyes and perhaps “Head Bangers” pounding away to keep you feeling otherwise just plain “Blaaaa”.

But if you find you start getting that heavy feeling in your chest.  Taking a deep breath actually can cause a bit of discomfort or even pain.  You may be a victim of RSV.  RSV, otherwise known in the medical system as Respiratory Syncytial Virus, which in a healthy person can last a good week or two before starting to clear away.  RSV also causes a condition known as bronchiolitis, which is inflammation or swelling of the small airways deep inside your lungs.  This can also lead to pneumonia (fluid in the lungs) in small children or older adults. 

So, what to do?   First and formost, “WASH YOUR HANDS”.  Yes the simple act of washing your hands frequently has been proven to be one of the best protections from getting sick.  If you get the germs off your hands by washing, then they will not be there the next time you rub your nose, or pick at that piece of fuit stick between your teeth, or just rub your eyes after a long time staring at that desk computer. 

But I did that and still got sick you say.  Well, if it’s a cold, your standard over the counter cold medicine will help make you feel more comfortable and try to get plenty of rest.  That means heading to bed for at least a good eight hours of sleep and not staying up to see what’s on after the news.  I know you do this.  I do.

But, if you start getting any of those breathing issues, or start running high fevers, you better get yourself in to see your doctor.  Though there is not much they can do about a virus, they can really help you fight off an infection that could result as a side effect of everything else.

So, I wish you well over this winter season.  And don’t forget to “Wash Your Hands”!

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