Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.

I am missing Washington.

 It’s been a long week and it’s not even over yet.  Looking over the pictures from our Washington trip, reminds me just how much fun we had, and how much I miss Washington.   Then again, after a long drawn out week at work;  I miss Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Arches, Mesa Verde, Pikes Peak, Dinosaur National Park, Badlands, Wind and Jewel Caves, Mount Rushmore, Mount Baker, Olympic National Park, The Hoh, Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak, Flat Top Mountain, and a host of other national treasures yet to be visited.  It is these visits which recharges my spirit with energy to gain the inner peace which helps me appreciate each day of good health I am fortunate enough to experience.   I wish all how stumble across this page good health and the ability to see what is good in your life and the ability to tolerate that which is not.

   Tomorrows already looking brighter.


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Back to Washington and Mount Baker.

Getting back to the great state of Washington; just a short third of a day drive, north of the Seattle area is the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.  From the apline parking lot, there are trails leading the way into a myriad of mountain adventures.  These excersions can be either a day hike, or day(s) hikes.  We committed to a nice long day hike for our adventure.

Entry sign to Mount Baker and Snoqualmie National Forest.

Entry sign to Mount Baker and Snoqualmie National Forest.

Below are just a sample of the many wonderful views and sights we witnessed during our day long hike.  We can hardly wait to someday get back to try out a new trail.  There was this fantastic glacier on the next mountain to the north, which we would love to hike up to sometime in the future.
Mountain Glacier

Mountain Glacier

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