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Olympic Swimming, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle, Back-float.

  Watching the Olympic swimmers this evening, I do have to admire the skill and abilities of all the swimmers being so good at so many styles of swimming.  I’ve tried doing the backstroke and found that I really did like it.  Mainly because my head is always out of the water which positions my head and mouth in a position that allows me to BREATH!  I have always found this to be important.

    Though I can do the breaststroke, it’s does appear to be more of a modified dog-pattle if you ask me.  My freestyle is really good for the first few feet, but then I find it really necessary to get my head out of the water in order to BREATH! 

   So we finally come to the one style not really recognised by the Olympics and this is the Back-float.  I would love to be able to say I am a great back-floater, but truth be told, I am more of a Titanic back-floater.  My head does really good but for some reason my legs get pulled down by my feet and I find myself slipping into the deep like a warship who has taken a direct hit a stern.  As my feet hit an angle of about 45 degrees, my body just slips down below the surface.  As my head drops below the waterline, I keep wondering where my lifeboat is.


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Time to start working out.

   After seeing the hyper fine tuned Olympic Swimmers, I decided to pursue a stringent workout regiment to rebuilt my body into a finely tuned machine.  After lots of research, I developed a training regiment which would help me to reduce body fat, increase muscle strength, and fine tune my cardiovascular system into a turbocharged blood pumping system.

   I am happy to report that having made it to the gym over one times this week, I have accomplished one of my first goals.  My blood system truly became totally turbocharged engine after a mere 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I am not sure but I think that I actually hit the Red-Line on my hearts tachometer two or three times! 

   Next week I think I will focus on one of my other goals.  I am planning on working on my muscle strength, as soon as the soreness goes away.  I’ve been told it should only be another day or two.

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Swimming to the Olympics in Omaha

From near downtown Omaha, you can still spot the Swimmer on the side of the Mutual of Omaha’sbuilding.
Swimmer on the side of a building
Drive by at night time, as that’s when the light show is on. 
The blue flood lights use a moving gel filter which actually creates the appearance of moving water.  Cool Blue!

                                                                                             It was interesting to see how the Media came out of the wood work after each of the billed Stars completed their performance.  Better yet was the fact that they had the breath to do so! One of the event Stars gets interviewed.


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