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DHL – Business or International Politics?

Is DHL aka Deutsche post’s decision to pull out of the USA a Business or a Political decision?  You have to wonder why a company with almost two (that’s a 2) Billion dollar bottom line would pull out of one of the worlds largest business countries. 

Is it because they were not making a profit in this county or does the reason go deeper?  One thing to keep in mind is that DHL was one of the three major express package delivery companies in this country.  It is also a foreign based company.  Though I am not against foreign investment into business in this country, it does point out the vulnerability of a company totally controlled by one.  It is every businesses right to make a decision to close out part of their business base, for what ever reason they feel is needed. 

The difference in this case, is the reason does not take into account any concerns for the thousands of American employees whose livelihoods depends on those jobs being eliminated.  Would things have been different if this were an American company with an international base of business.  Based on history, how many American company’s have closed their US based operations and remained in business in only countries outside the USA?

As we move forward in this Global Economy, we do not want to be isolationists and do need to continue to conduct business with other countries.  But, I would ask the question, does our government need to do just a little bit more negotiating when “We the People”, let them in?


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   Don’t you love a good debate?  Of course what we really end up hearing are the candidates trying to say what they think the majority of the public want to hear.  After-all, who ever won votes telling people things they do not like to hear.  No politician has ever ran on the platform of “I will raise taxes and increase the National Debt to levels never before experienced”! 

   Of course there is the occasional politician who does upon reviewing the facts of a couple years ago, change their position on a topic.  This is usually because they found out they were wrong about what the people wanted to hear.  So what you really want to do is try to answer every question in a manner that can be taken in many different ways.  That way, once you get feedback on what the people thought you said and what they did or did not like, you have the opportunity to “Clarify” your position and tell the people what it was you were really trying to say.

   After all, “We the people in order to form a more perfect union” want to vote for the person who thinks the way we do.  Or at least at a minimum, says things, or clarifies what they have said, so I know they are just like me!

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