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It’s still Winter in the Heartland!

Well this weekend proved once again that it is still winter in the Heartland!  We received a fresh 5 inches of snow which coated the ground in a beautiful white glimering and sparkling rug of frozen delight.  Thanks to a few nice warm (around 50deg F) days, the cement had just enough residue latent heat to keep the snows underbelly soft and wet.  This made for heavy lifting in terms of shoveling off the driveway and sidewalks, but Saturday morning was bright and sunny enough that shoving in sunglasses made the job much more easy on the eyes.

   For those who failed to shovel there snow laddened property, the continued temperature drop in the afternoon and continued on Sunday, proved to them on a more perminate basis that winter has not left, in that what was not shoveled, will remain as frozen ice below the otherwise fluffy appearance of what awaits them.  For once it was a good thing I did not put off until the next day what I normally would have.

Winter snow in February in the Heartland.

Winter snow in February in the Heartland.


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It’s raining, it’s snowing, the old man is snoring.

Just sitting here watching a little TV with regular interruptions regarding a snow storm moving into the area. As I was listening to the latest warnings for the 5th time within the last 40 minutes, an old childhood phrase came to mind.

Are you old enough to remember “It’s Raining, It’s Snowing, the old man is Snoring”. I have absolutely no idea what this phrase means. Do you?

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