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Day 10 & 11 of building the back yard fence.

Well, day 10 & 11 have proved to be much more productive. 

  So much for the weekend being a time to rest up.  Of course I would choose to pick two of the hottest days of the year to do my back yard project work.  But, I did manage to get about 50 feet of new fence installed.  Of cource this includes removing the same amount of old fence. 

Nearing the corner post.

Nearing the corner post.

   The amazing thing about working in extreme heat is the amount of fluid you can drink without ever having to make a bathroom run?  Of course after a few hours your shirt tends to look like perhaps you have been out back playing in the lawn sprinkler with the kids.   Though the hammer and tool-belt may be a give away.

The first corner is bridged.

The first corner is bridged.




   I am sure that any day now I will wake up in the morning to see my newly sculptured physique.   Of course if I can only step on the scale and see a lower number I will be happy.  I do have to admit that I am really getting some good exercise based on the level of morning stiffness.  Plus there is the really good new that there is only about another 70 or so feet to go.  I can hardly wait to get started.

 The fence grows across the back yard.

Though it has felt like a very slow process. It is really nice to see the fence slowly take shape.  The view here is showing about one-half of the way across from one corner to the other.  The side running to the right, goes up the slope toward the house and is about the same length.  I think by the time I finish, I will be very tired of building fences.



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