Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.

When does spring begin?

Well, I was thinking that Spring was almost here, but Nature had other things in mind. We had showers and flowers and warmer weather on our radar. Mother nature on the other hand had snow, snow and just for good measures, a bit more snow on her’s. So, it looks as though March will go out as a Lion.
But, the good news is that we can be assured that it will not last for long, for Spring has been showing sings of kicking into high gear. The week, it was winter who got to do the kicking.
A couple more weeks and I will no longer need my vitamine “D” supliments!


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Watching the Academy Awards or “Mr. Oscar”

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How long does a cold last?

    Have you ever wondered just how long a cold is supposed to last.  Is it three days, one week, two weeks or something more than that?  Well, I caught a cold, complete with runny nose, watery eyes, coughing Old time cold.and little sleep just before Christmas.  Of course, having it last through the end of the month was not a total surprise.  Then about the middle of January, just when I thought it was all done, my “cold” caught it’s second wind. 

    So back with a vengeance, it reared it’s ugly head to my mine miserable.  The good news is, it finally started to leave somewhere around the middle of “what month is it?”, oh yes, February.  The good news is I’m finally sleeping through the whole night and waking up feeling pretty rested.  Though the expectorant and cough suppressants are no longer needed on a daily basis, I have found that I still need the twelve hour antihistamine to keep the pipes clear into the morning.

     So just when I’m feeling pretty good about myself, the misses develops a flue bug, complete with the sudden onset of stomach contractions which have the result of emptying all contents!  

     Well it’s been four days and no sign of cross contamination.   After watching her, I think perhaps my drugged out cold, is perhaps not so bad!

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The Power of a Word!

The Power of a Word!

   Words have the power to change feelings, which can be one of the greatest powers in the world. 

“Love”, is one of those words which has the power to make you feel like you are one of the most important people in the world, or it can take you to the depths of despair in the case of “I Do Not Love You”. 

   We each utter words every day of our lives.  Words that can leave behind a trail of “love”, “hate”, “sorrow”, “happiness” and “despair”.   It is said we sometimes speak without thinking.  But truly, how can a word be uttered without thought somehow driving the process.  Again feelings come into play.

   It is speaking without feeling that epitomises the ability of a person to cause emotional pain without intent.  The emotional baggage loaded upon another person has proven to be more than some people can bear.   People have chosen to lose and ear over words of less.

   Then again, the simple act of saying “Thank you” can instill a feeling of warmth which extends to the depths of a person’s heart.  Were-as, expressing a “Thank you!”, to the person who just took what was the last sale item on the table, can generate a completely different emotional response in the other person.

   So what is said, many times has to be taken into account with the how said and circumstance’s in which it is said, to understand the feelings that may have been generated.  The ability of the good writer to do the same, but only in written or printed word is equally as interesting. 

  Words can be more than they appear or sound to be.

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   Don’t you love a good debate?  Of course what we really end up hearing are the candidates trying to say what they think the majority of the public want to hear.  After-all, who ever won votes telling people things they do not like to hear.  No politician has ever ran on the platform of “I will raise taxes and increase the National Debt to levels never before experienced”! 

   Of course there is the occasional politician who does upon reviewing the facts of a couple years ago, change their position on a topic.  This is usually because they found out they were wrong about what the people wanted to hear.  So what you really want to do is try to answer every question in a manner that can be taken in many different ways.  That way, once you get feedback on what the people thought you said and what they did or did not like, you have the opportunity to “Clarify” your position and tell the people what it was you were really trying to say.

   After all, “We the people in order to form a more perfect union” want to vote for the person who thinks the way we do.  Or at least at a minimum, says things, or clarifies what they have said, so I know they are just like me!

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Phantom of the Opera

   Last night we went to see the stage presentation of “Phantom of the Opera”.   Who says that special effects must be in a movie in order to be good.  Given the ability to make a stage turn into an underground river complete with flowing water and a gondola flowing along the water dodging flaming candles which appear rising out of the mist.

   Thanks in part to modern sound technology, there is no longer such a thing as a bad seat.  How they manage to hide microphones is another amazement.  Yes the technology has done truly fantastic things to the modern theater.  What has not changed is the need for raw, refined and polished talent.

   I was not disappointed with any of the categories.  Watching real talent is so much more interesting than a big auditorium stage production event which can be more smoke and mirrors utilized to amplify what would otherwise be average talent.   The tighter confines of a stage theater does not provide the the distance between the actors and audience thus making any flaws that more apparent, should there be any.

  The performance witnessed last evening was anything if not truly magical.   So perhaps it might just be worth forgoing a few movies and popcorn to buy the stage production tickets.

  I think “LIVE” is better then “MEMOREX”!

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