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Tree climbing.

Tree Climbing:

    How many of you remember climbing a tree as a kid.  I sure do.  What exactly was it that was so great about being up in a tree?  Was it the calange of seeing just how close you could get to the top?  Or was it just a means of escaping the bounds of being locked to the surface of the earth?

    What I do remember is a feeling of being able to go somewhere were others (grown-ups) could not go.  It was a place I could go where I felt like it was own private position.  I can even remember a time when I took a box of colors and a coloring book up to a crook in the lower branches which became my own private studio.  Everyone needs a place they can call their own.  In my case as a kid, a tree branch was diffntely a location you did not have to fight the grown-ups for.

   Today I would shutter at the thought of one of my grandchildren being at the top of a 40 or 50 foot tree.  Yet alone swaying the tree back and forth, so as to be able to see past the lower branches to the green grass of the yard below.  It is amazing that we ever make it to puberty, yet alone adulthood.

   Every now and then, I think it is perhaps therapeutic, to set back and reflect upon what it was like to be a child.  During the years as my children were growing up, for some reason it was not as easy to reflect back on my childhood years as it is today.  Perhaps this is because now the full pressure of owning the responsibility of raising a child full time no longer is the driving force.  Now I am able to sit back a bit and not only enjoy playing with a grandchild, but recalling what it feels like to Play.  

   Whether you have kids or not, it’s never too late to reflect upon “play”.   As adults we tend to think of “Play” as perhaps going to play gold with friends, or going to a movie, or perhaps going to a live show.  Though each of these are fun they are not in the same light as “Play”.  

   A snowball fight is play.  Taking a walk through the woods, kicking leaves and swooshing them around with a stick is play.  Sitting down to play a board-game is play.  Riding your bicycle down a riding path with the sole purpose of checking out the senery, is play.  Riding your bicycle because you need to burn off some calories is not play.   Tag your it, with a child is play. (note two adults playing tag is weird)

   Just remember, it’s never to late to be young.  It doest take a young body to be young again.


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