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Is HiDef really better than standard TV?

   Up until our old TV set starting have a bad case of color hiccups, I really thought our TV had a great picture.  The old set was a 55 inch Mitsubishi digital projection set, which thanks to progressive scanning made a standard 512 interlaced analog signal look pretty darn good.   This is as compared to a standard analog TV of course.  The large screen format was really nice too.  But now we have 58 inches of plasma in HiDef and of course I had to look for differences if any.

   Well, the bottom line is, we now have a wide screen format TV which actually can display the whole screen without image distortion.  Is the picture really more defined than the old progressive scan set?  The answer is a resounding “yes”.  Not sure I would say it looks 3D, but it’s getting close. 

   The other news is, the world is now full of people who have gotten thinner!  For years now, I have viewed a standard 4:3 ratio analog TV image stretched into a progressive fit which though it did present things in the middle of the screen as pretty normal, it stretched images wider and wider toward the image sides to fill up the screen into the 16:9 ratio screen.  Thus everyone tended to put on just a little weight as they moved around on the screen.  Over time, I think my mind simply did a little visual averaging to compensate with the result that I was seeing people looking heavier than they really were.

    Now with everyone and everything properly proportioned, everyone appears in my minds eye as having gotten thinner.  Now of course I am forced into the position to go out and purchase a video camera, so I can watch myself on the new TV.  That’s right, I need to loose a couple pounds myself.


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What is the best High Definition TV?

What the best High Definition TV?

   That is a good question.  I am hoping that we bought the right one.  After many months of putting up with a TV set which had the nasty habit of pinching the image on the screen in toward the center only to have it snap back to normal.  Then at other times it was flash a bright blast of Red and then make everything look green.  Not bad if you are watching the Hulk, but really annoying any other time.  Then of course having anything with Red having the color smeared across the image like horizontal running red mascara really did not make things enjoyable either.

   So, about the time I was thinking I knew which circuit board was the problem, the problem would change to one of the other circuit boards.  As the typical circuit board now cost about $300, the thought of replacing $900 worth of circuit boards was not appealing.  This does not even address the color guns, as the set was one of the large screen rear projection type sets.  So, bottom line, regardless that the problems would come and go, there really was no question that the set was the end.  It was time to pick a new set.

   So how to pick a new set?  The old set was a 55 inch wide-screen rear projection set.  After seven years of having a nice large screen to watch movies on, the prospect of going to a smaller set was not really very appealing.  So after a few months of visiting Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Furniture Mart and a few other local shops, it had boiled down to either a DLP, LCD or Plasma set which was no smaller than the old set.

   Now we had to adjust to the sticker shock!  Prices in this size of set run anywhere from around $1,500 all the way up to well over $4,000 dollars.  Ouch!  So after another round of visit, taking notes, writing down prices, sizes, brand names, features, 1080i, 720, LCD, LED, 60 hertz, 120 hertz, 400 hertz, 10K contrast up to 50,000 contrast ratio’s, and connections for audio, composite video, PC VGA, USB, YBP, HDMI, RGB to name a few, I were becoming somewhat confused?  

   So, like many of you I made a few trips to Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, Ask, to name a few search engines, and proceeded to search out reviews and feedback on other peoples experiences.  What I finally came up with was Samsung as being what appeared to be a pretty good choice.  So, back to the store for more comparisons.  So, what did we finally settle upon?

    Our search finally lead us to a nice 58 inch plasma set from Samsung which, priced at just over $2,400 seemed to be the size we wanted at a price we at least didn’t faint at, and what appeared to be a really nice picture in the store.

   Well, we have had the set about a week now, and I can honestly say, the quality of the image seems to be better in the house than it was in the store.  The 10 watt speakers do a pretty good job on the sound, though kicking the the surround sound system is the only way to watch a movie.  Our set is a 58B560 model and comes with 3 HDMI, 2 RGB/YBP, 1 composite, and a number of audio connectors in back.  In addition, there are video high DEF and audio, plus a USB connector on the side of the set.  The set will accept a USB thumb drive loaded with you favorite photo’s, for watching a slide show, which is really cool.

   But the bottom line, is moving up from a regular image to a Hi Definition picture has been a really enjoyable experience.  The 58 inch screen is pretty cool too.  So if you are in the market for a larger screen, after many months, I would rank Plasma first, LCD (LED engine) second, and DLP third.  If you really want a big picture (greater than 55 inches) and do not have very much money to spend, I would recommend either the Samsung or Mitubishi DLP sets.  What ever you end up with, if you are going from regular to hi-def, you will not be sorry.  Of course, the cable company is now getting another 10 bucks out of us.  Had to have the DVR after all.

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