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Washington Olympic National Park – the Hoh

   Setting between the Olympic mountain range and the Pacific Ocean lies and area known as the Hoh.   The Hoh is about one of the only chances you will get to go into a temperate rain forest, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.  The western side of the Olympic Peninsula is the only place in the Continental United States you can find a temperate rain forest.  Receiving over 150 inches of rain each year, the main theme here is GREEN.  Take a walkthrough the Hall of Mosses or a walk down Spruce Trail out to the Hoh River for an experience not to be found anywhere else in the country.  There are only about five such rain forests in the world and Washington state has one of them.  Not to be confused with a tropical rain forest, where temperatures hover around 100 degrees every day, this is a rain forest where temperatures can be much cooler.  It is the amount of rain that makes the big difference.


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Washington – Hurricane Ridge – Olympic Peninsula

South West of Seattle Washington lies an area known as the Olympic Peninsula area  Comprising the moutain range known as the Olympic Mountains and holding the Olympic National Park and Rain Forest area.  Along the Northeast line of the mountain range is the city of Port Angles.  Sitting high above and overlooking the port, Puget Sound and Canada across the waters, is an area known as Hurricane Ridge.

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Enough about windows, How about Whales?

Recently we had the chance to visit the far Northwest.  In the waters of Puget Sound we had the opportunity to view Orca Killer Whales on the prowl for food.  Diving for an average of about four minutes, the family pod would come up for a breath of fresh air, only to disappear once again below the waters surface.  The sights were truly something to behold.

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