Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.

Time away.

Time away:

   Time away can mean many things.  To me, time away is not time away from people, but it usually means time away from work.  Time away does not have to be a vacation, though a vacation usually means taking some time away from work. 

   The thing about time away, is it gives you time to think about something other than the things you usually have to think about just about each and every day.  We all need some time away to collect our thoughts.  Sometimes this can take days and sometimes just taking a walk around the block is all the time needed to get away.   Sometimes you need a walk by yourself, other times taking a walk with a friend accomplishes the same thing. 

   I have found that taking a hike on a long trail is the mantra to finding the inner me waiting to be heard.  Someday I will learn to understand just what I’m hearing.


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