Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.


Why do We Work?

   The quick answer is, “I’m not rich!”  Having spent many years living near and also working on a dairy farm, I think the other reason is habit.  Working on a simple dairy farm in Wisconsin, I learned years ago that cows are largely creatures of habit.  Each morning, the cattle are accustomed to having a particular routine performed, or they tend to become, shall I say, a little annoyed.   First they get fed, then a little cleaning around the stalls, then you push their hay back in-front of their faces, as they have managed to toss it just about everywhere else, and then you set out the equipment and start the milking.  Once the milking of the herd is complete, they were released to go outside and in the summer months, enjoy the great outdoors.   Later in the day, they see the sun heading for the horizon and know it  time to head back to the barn to begin the process of milking once again.  Bunching up like marathon runners ready to start a new race, they crowd up at the bard door, waiting for someone to let them in.  Then once the door’s opened they all try to charge through the door at the same time to head to the stall that they always get fed and milked from.   And look out, if someone mades a wrong turn and tries to take some other cows stall!   Now, back to work.  Every morning, I get up about the same time.  I set an alarm clock, though should it fail to go off, I somehow hear it anyway pounding in my head and wake up thinking, “oh boy, here I go again.”  Then it’s time to shower, shave, apply just the right amount of deodorant, after shave colone, and a spritz of toothpaste to the tooth brush to help finish off all the preparations for putting on the work outfit of the day.   Then its out the door and off to work down the same road, following the same path taken all the days before.  Then once the milking, I mean working, is done, I head back along the sae path to my home to another set of routines that vary little from day to day, or so it seems.  I finally head to bed and again the habit, I mean routine, or is that the schedule, repeats all over again.

   So as you look at your own weekly routines, I ask you, “do you see a pattern in what you are doing?”  Also, what happens if your schedule gets knocked out of order?  Say, you end up getting out to work a little late.  Do you tend to rush the other drivers trying to make up for lost time?   Then find yourself bunching up at each and every stop lite.  Then you finally get to work only to find that some other cow has taken your favorite parking place!

   If “yes” was the answer, then you to just might be a creature of habit, the same as I.


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