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Work – Taking time off

1/6/08  Taking time off from work.

Is it just me, or has Christmas lost all of it’s warm and family traditional flavor of years past? I remember a time when it was more than just getting presents and having the coolest one amongst the neighborhood kids. Ok, that part still remains. What has changed is how now we are blasted from media fronts that where at one time, not even considered, to buy buy and buy some more.

It seems in our society efforts to not offend, we have stripped away the joy of a little babys birth and the bringing of gifts to celebrate the event. In this day of recognising all the different religions present in the USA, it is right, not to force a Christian belief down every-ones throat. But it is still a Christian Holiday Celebration, no matter how hard we try to cover it up with Santa Clause, Frosty, Grinch and Mr. Scrooge.

Perhaps what is needed is more recognition of the other recognised religious holidays in the country? This might mean adding a few days to the holiday calender each year. If it ends up being to many, we could always have recognised holidays each month and give each one a turn. Give me a day off work to celebrate Hanuka, and I will not complain. Give me a day off for celebrating the summer equinox, no problem for me on that one either.

I’m sure that just like me, their are a host of others that would be happy to take another day off work, to help recognise an important religious holiday someone must be having somewhere! Just to start things off, I’m willing to take every Wednesday off to celebrate the official “hump day”, to which the holiday of your choice can be applied. Or then again, taking off the official T.G.I.F. day, every Friday qualifies very well for me too. I actually like the last one, as we will get a three day weekend, which will give us time to recoup each week before the dreaded “Monday Blues” day kicks off.

Say, isn’t “Monday Blues” part of a religion somewhere? I’m sure I heard that someplace.


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