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I am Legion (re-mixed – re-done)

Have they ran out of idea’s for new movies?

Just went to see “I am Legion” this weekend. First, not a bad movie. But, it seem just a bit familiar to me. Then it hit me 1971 ”The Omega Man”, with Charlton Heston. This is a remake of that movie.

Then I it though about some of the other more recent movies. “The Time Machine”, “Titanic” (remake a number of times), “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” (remake of 1964 Bedtime Story), “The Birdcage” (remake of 178 Birds of a feather), “War of the Worlds” (remake of the 1953 version), “The Fly – 1986 ” (remake of the 1958 version).

These are but a few that come to mind. There are a host of other movies which are all remakes: The Lake House, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Poseidon, King Kong, and The Manchurian Candidate, are some others I’ve seen that also come to mind.

So, what is happening here? Did all the writers go on strike earlier than we thought? Why with so many new books out there, is it so hard for writers to come up with an original unique screenplay? Though I have enjoyed a number of these movies and even rented the older version to refresh my memories and see what the differences were, I would like to see more originals and fewer remakes being made.

I supposed I could try to write a screenplay, but what would I write it about?

I did just finish reading this really good book called “2001 A Space Odyssey”?


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