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Road Travel

    Most of us have taken long road trips as part of a vacation.  We do this for one thing to save money.  We also have a chance to see parts of the country up close and personal.   If you only stay on the Interstate highway system you will see a more limited view of things, but you will make better time.

   The misses and I have done a number of road trips in our Van-de-Camp mobile.  We have found that as we truely enjoy getting off the beaten path and going hiking for a day, that campsites have proven to be an economical, if not interesting mode of travel.  Our camper in this case is the back of the van with all seats removed.  This gives ample room for a very comfortable air mattress to be placed, complete with fluffy pillows and blankets that are as warm or light as we feel we need.  Of course this does not leave a lot of room for cooking equipment and food.  Thus we are forced to eat most of our meals at comfortable restaurants.

   We have found that after a long day of hiking, we tend to be somewhat hungry.   So a quick trip to the campground showers, helps refresh, so we can go have a nice lite dinner at a local eating establishment.   Then it’s time to perhaps read a bit from the book we just haven’t had time to look at, prior to crawling into the air-bed for night of well earned sleep.  Then in the morning, we can clean the sleepers out of our eyes, get dressed, go grab a hearty breakfast, and head on out to the days new trails.

   Yes flying can get you there quicker, but it does not guarantee a better experience.  We have taken to the trails with just the two of us and with others.  We have hiked short one hour trails as well as full day trails arriving back in the dark.  We we have done is taken the time to slow down and be.   We have taken the time to; be ourselves, be away, be careful not to miss anything around us, and most of all “Be Happy”.



  1. Try driving flying to Bangor, Maine, leaving four hours later and driving 1700 miles to Austin so you can close on your house the next day but then end up homeless.

    Comment by Jackie | October 7, 2008 | Reply

  2. P.S. Allan recommends not doing that…especially in a BMW.

    Comment by Jackie | October 7, 2008 | Reply

  3. Some people just really know how to have a great time!!!

    Comment by Clark | October 8, 2008 | Reply

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